A Guide to Total Landed Cost


What your business needs to know about moving goods across Canada

Landed costs can make or break a business. Yet many businesses, when considering transporting goods to and across Canada, don’t understand what goes into landed cost calculations or what to consider when figuring out the true cost of a product.

That’s why we’ve provided this ebook, which focuses on the Canadian market (but can essentially be applied anywhere), to serve as a guide on the areas to consider in calculating landed costs and how to keep those costs low so you can ultimately boost your bottom line.

Download this e-book to:

  • Understand what to consider when moving goods across Canada
  • Learn cost-effective methods of transporting goods
  • Understand how to ship to the RIGHT market
  • See how transit time and local infrastructure impact your bottom line
  • Choose the best location for your business
  • Identify the impacts of landed cost on buying, building or leasing
  • Understand the local labour market and its impact