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Podcast-SmallAre you a business shipping goods across Canada and beyond?  Looking for ways to move your products faster, more efficiently while lowering shipping costs? If so, then listen to Karl Yeh and Reg Johnston bring the complex world of supply chain, logistics and total landed cost back to square one. They'll help you make better decisions and grow your business. Welcome to Square One Supply Chain!


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Listen to our latest episodes with accompanying show notes: 

Total Landed Cost

Podcast Hosts


Karl Yeh heads the regional marketing program for the Calgary Region including market research, strategy development, website development, content marketing, podcasting, tradeshow marketing and email marketing.

Karl collaborates with the municipalities, regional economic developers and private sector in the Calgary Region. The goal is to develop the Calgary Region as the leading informational resource destination for Canadian shippers/buyers and professional services in the transportation, supply chain and logistics sector.

Connect with Karl:

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Reg Johnston is an independent consultant and a professional engineer. Strong technical knowledge and a large network within the Supply Chain sector are leveraged to deliver high quality research and business development campaigns to his clients. These clients include:

  • The Calgary Regional Partnership 
  • The County of Grande Prairie No. #1
  • The Government of Alberta
  • Calgary‚Äôs Taxi and Limousine Advisory Committee (TLAC)
  • Logistics Zone for Progreso, Merida, Mexico
  • The Federation of Canadian Municipalities