How to prepare your distribution centre for holiday fulfillment (and plan for next year)

Many supply chain distribution centres are on the home stretch for peak season holiday distribution centre fulfillment.

Whether you service wholesale, retail or e-commerce (or any combination of these), you're already out of time to prepare for another peak season.

With the unprecedented demands placed on distribution centres (DCs) with the rise of omnichannel, e-commerce and rapid direct-to-consumer delivery, many are scrambling to meet the final rush before Christmas.

The rise of Amazon distribution centres with their rapid delivery times has made for very competitive holiday distribution logistics.

We’ll give you seven valuable inside tips on making that list and checking it twice to ensure your set up for success for peak holiday logistics

for the final days of this holiday season as well as next.

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10 ways goods-to-person order fulfillment can save you time and money

Are you trying to find ways to lower your total landed cost?

Have you evaluated goods-to-person order fulfillment in the supply chain?

If your answer is yes, this article will help you understand what goods-to-person is all about and the benefits of this way.

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Lease, Buy or Build: A review of the distribution centre options

Considering building a distribution centre? Don't, until you've read this article — and read it to the end.

Because choosing a distribution centre may be among the most important decisions a business makes when it comes to impacts on its bottom line.

In devising a business strategy, companies should consider looking at leasing, buying or custom-constructing their own centre. 

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Automated Cold Storage Warehouse Technology: 15 ways to reduce costs

If you work in cold chain logistics, you know the importance of temperature-controlled warehouses.  

Bananas require a precise temperature that's much different than ice cream. This means a lot of varying temperatures to avoid spoilage.

This is where automated warehouse technology can save you money. It has many cost saving benefits over traditional warehouses.

With the growing demand in cold chain logistics, the business case for automating temperature-controlled warehouses, either chilled or frozen, is stronger than ever.

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How to set up the best warehouse management system for your operations

Efficient warehouse management is critical to financial success.

It sounds obvious.

And it is, at least on the surface.

But for many, it remains elusive.

Shipping delays, errors, inaccurate data, long inventory counts or even high labour costs, are all signs of an inefficient warehouse.


How warehouse management software can help

That’s where an effective Warehouse Management System (WMS) software solution can offer benefits.

WMS benefit day-to-day warehouse operations.

It’s a technological solution that can manage such tasks as tracking inventory levels and stock locations.

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Warehouse and distribution operations: 10 ways to reduce your costs

In the transportation and logistics business, operating at maximum efficiency to ensure total landed costs are as low as possible is central to all operations.

There are so many ways you can change your warehouse and distribution operations to save money that it can be overwhelming.

You may not know where to start.

This list was developed in consultation with DEMATIC, a North American leader in supply chain optimization.

The list is intended to give you some key strategies you may want to consider.

Naturally, lower warehouse costs mean lowering your overall costs.

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How to get started with wireless warehouse management to boost supply chain efficiency

If you don’t know much about the latest in mobile scanning for warehouses, you’ll want to keep reading.

Across Canada, wireless mobile scanners are being used in everything from warehouse management systems (WMS) to employee time tracking.

We’re even seeing the use of smartphones and tablets as part of wireless warehouse management.

These wireless scanners help businesses:

  • increase worker productivity
  • improve data capture accuracy
  • access information in real-time
  • improve efficiency and increase profitability

Barcode technology is constantly improving. They allow business owners to become more efficienct by spending less time with manual data entry.

This article helps you know what to do before updating or acquiring mobile barcode scanners for your business.

You’ll also get a snapshot on how smartphones and tablets fit into the equation. 

Research and background for this article was supplied by Cadre Technologies.

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How to upgrade your warehouse management system using real-time and wireless

Are you looking at upgrading your warehouse management system (WMS)? Do you know other supply chains in need of updating their WMS?

If you have an outdated, manual warehouse inventory system, it can PAINFUL. Not just for the warehouse, but for everyone in the supply chain.

When it comes to Canadian warehouses, many are still on manual warehouse management programs.

Making for long and uninspiring days at the office.

According to Roger Rountree, VP Marketing and Business Development, Cadre Technologies, some of the pain points he hears include:

  • Lost inventory
  • Slow and tedios picking, especially with missing items
  • Many erros
  • Late shipments
  • Expensive charge backs for all of the above

These problems occur in small and large organizations.

This article will provide some simple tips to help you improve warehouse operations and efficiency:

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How to set up a customs bonded warehouse in Canada (and reap the benefits!)


This article is Part 3 of a 5-part series on foreign trade zones. We explore what they are, where they exist, what advantages they provide and how businesses can benefit.

Read Part 2: A review of Canada's foreign trade zones


What is a customs bonded warehouse?

The Customs Bonded Warehouse Program (CWB) is an option for businesses looking to lower their total landed costs through duty and tax-free storage of imported goods in Canada.

“The purpose is the same for all FTZ-like (foreign trade zone) programs – importing without paying,” says Yvon Pellerin, Canadian foreign trade zones program advisor for Drawback Experts Canada.

“As soon as the goods exit the warehouse, taxes are applicable. “If things are re-exported, there are no duties or taxes. It’s a good cash-flow benefit.”

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10 easy-to-implement tips to improve your warehouse management process

With warehouses, one small change in process can make a dramatic difference in distribution efficiency.

Distribution efficiency can result in lower total landed cost over the long-term.

The concept of tightening warehouse management processes for distribution efficiency seems straight-forward. In reality, this can be quite a daunting task when trying to decide where to begin.

Corrie Banks, President of Triskele Logistics Ltd. is an expert in optimizing processes. “When optimizing warehousing and distribution operations, you want proven solutions that are aimed at tightening up or eliminating non-value added processes,” said Banks.

“For example, companies often think their picking operation is efficient as long as products roll out on schedule and customers are satisfied with the service. In reality, there is always a way to continuously improve and streamline your operations," said Banks.

Here are 10 tips for tighter warehouse processes:

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