Why supply chains need to get excited about autonomous transport robots

(A case study on their impact)

Imagine robots whizzing about in a warehouse, all coordinated with a defined purpose. A hive of activity...efficient and focused on completing their next task. 

This future is quickly approaching with BMW leading the way. 

They just launched the first fleet of autonomous transport robots in their warehouse and assembly operations.

It’s about the size of a suitcase.

We all know automation is next big thing in the supply chain industry.

Well, now it’s already arrived . . . An initial fleet of ten self-driving Smart Transport Robots (STR) transporting components through the logistics hall at BMW’s Wackersdorf plant in Germany.

Interested? This article explains why autonomous robots are the future of warehousing and assembly. 

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Blockchain technology poised to transform supply chains

"Like Internet or Wikipedia, blockchain is not owned by any single company or government. You will not be dependent on Googles and Facebooks of the world that owns your data. What if nobody owns or stores that data – this is what blockchain can do,” says Kunal Nandwani, Founder and CEO, uTrade Solutions

For supply chains, blockchain can significantly increase transparency from the origin of a product, through the shipping process, and ultimately to customer delivery.

Currently, only a handful of companies are experimenting with blockchain implementation but the opportunities are boundless. 

In this article, you’ll learn about block chain technology and read some examples supply chain giants using the technology. You’ll also get a glimpse of its potential future in logisitcs.

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Enterprise resource planning software: 20 must-ask questions before buying (to save you money)

The top enterprise resource planning (ERP) software can significantly improve your business operations.

Lately, ERP supply chain software received bad press.

They’re developing an expensive reputation ewithout living up to expectations.

ERP is a powerful and adaptable business tool.

Yet, there are a growing number supply chains experiencing software operational shortfalls.

This article looks to explain these problems are happening. 

And you'll learn foundational questions you need to ask before making a ERP purchase.

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The future of supply chain management: 12 must-know trends

The supply chain is rapidly evolving.

A major reason is because of macro-economic changes and shifts in trade patterns around the world. 

They provide opportunities as well as challenges.

According to McKinsey Global Institute, approximately 600 cities are likely to realize 65% of the global GDP growth by the mid-twenties.

It's predicted these growing cities will add up to $30 trillion to the world economy.

Incomes in developing economies never rose faster or at a greater scale in history, and about a billion people are becoming part of consuming classes in roughly ten years’ time.

A recent report by the World Economic Forum, "Deep Shift: Technology Tipping Points and Societal Impact," projects wearable devices, smart cities automated robots as workers, 3-D printing, implantable technology, connected homes, driverless cars and smart cities will reach critical mass around the mid-2020s.

 In this article, we’ll have a closer look at current development in global supply chain mega trends based on insights delivered by McKinsey Global Institute.

These developments are caused by things such as:

  • trade patterns
  • GDP growth
  • customer behaviour

Here is top 12 mega trends list: 

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How e-commerce impacts the future of warehouse management (and how you can prepare)

E-commerce direct-to-consumer shipments are dramatically impacting the role of warehousing in today’s supply chain.

Are you keeping up?

With rising consumer online shopping, warehouses have found themselves picking far fewer bulk cases or pallets.

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6 must-have mobile applications to improve supply chain efficiency

Mobile apps are a game changer in today’s supply chain.

In an industry where delays and staying connected can mean major profit losses, real-time apps and mobile devices are essential supply chain tools.

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10 ways goods-to-person order fulfillment can save you time and money

Are you trying to find ways to lower your total landed cost?

Have you evaluated goods-to-person order fulfillment in the supply chain?

If your answer is yes, this article will help you understand what goods-to-person is all about and the benefits of this way.

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What everybody ought to know about the uberization of the supply chain

The last mile delivery.

We all know about it.

In logistics, the last mile is usually the most challenging.

But a disruptive technology in the supply chain could change this.

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How to use big data analytics to transform and improve your supply chain

Big data is a disruptive technology in todays supply chains.

Its impact is so great, the global supply chain as we know it is being completely transformed…you could go so far as to call it a revolution.

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Supply chain cyber security: How to deal with looming insider threats

While many supply chain organizations focus their cyber security efforts on those outside of the supply chain, it’s not enough.

Many cyber security programs develop well thought out defenses to outwit sophisticated hackers.

However, they frequently miss a key aspect to cyber security breaches.

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