Canada to U.S. Shipping: Must know customs rules and regulations

Are you compliant with all the rules and regulations that govern shipping to the U.S.?

Failure to comply can be costly…enough to put some people out of business.

With the complex customs process governing cross-border trade in between Canada and U.S. it’s helpful to understand all rules and regulations.

If not, your goods could be delayed for days and even weeks.

You could also be levied fines that impact your bottom line.

Even if you use a customs broker, understanding U.S. Customs clearance can only benefit you and strengthen your understanding of the critical issues involved in cross border transportation. 

This article provides you a background on what processes your shipments must go through when going into the U.S.

You will also learn about key people you need to connect with for your shipment.

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How to choose the right global trade compliance system (and move your shipments faster)

Put into creative hands, a selection of art and hobby supplies can be transformed into wonderful things.

Painters turn each canvas into a vision.

Knitters transform yarn into favorite sweaters.

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Air cargo security regulations: What supply chains need to know

If your business ships goods by air, you’re no stranger to security backlog and bottlenecks.

Tighter security measures for air cargo in Canada and beyond can make the shipping process slow and costly.

Your supply chain can come to a halt due to security bottlenecks.

Does this sound like you? This article may be your lifeline. 

We want to give you an overview of Transport Canada's new Air Cargo Security (ACS) Program and the amended regulations to  Canadian Aviation Security Regulations, 2012.

The new air cargo security regulations will come into effect on October 17, 2016, so now is a good time to act.

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