How Peco Pallet's expansion to the Calgary Region increased business and improved customer reach

Thinking about expanding to the Calgary Region but not sure if it’s the right time? It’s a complex decision with many factors to consider.

Just ask PECO Pallet Inc.

The pallet pooling company opened a new depot in Calgary in mid-2015 after studying a potential expansion to the growing distribution hub for nearly a year.

“There was a lot of groundwork laid,” says Spero Moukas, PECO’s Director of Sales.

That groundwork started with an analysis of the Calgary market and whether it could support a pallet depot. But other factors, like transportation, supply chain and logistics, proved important as did the consideration of the city’s warehouse market.

PECO’s experience offers some great insight for other businesses considering an expansion to the Calgary Region.

Spero Moukas has some critical advice that could benefit you in your decision-making process.

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