Calgary Regional Partnership strengthens awareness of Inland Port and emerging trade corridor at International Logistics Symposium

Leaders from the logistics and manufacturing industry in North America gathered for the 24th Annual Logistics and Manufacturing Symposium Pathways for Trade: North America, the Most Competitive Region in the World held on September 19-20, 2017.

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New MOU between Calgary Regional Partnership (CRP) and Calgary Economic Development (CED) to strengthen emerging Calgary Region Inland Port

Calgary Regional Partnership (CRP) and Calgary Economic Development (CED) announce the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for the alignment of activities to strengthen the emerging Calgary Region Inland Port. The announcement was made at the recent 2017 Canada Inland Ports conference. The Calgary Regional Inland Port MOU is a collaborative initiative to market and strengthen the Calgary Region as a supply chain and distribution hub and foreign trade zone. Colleen Shepherd, Executive Director, Calgary Regional Partnership announces the signing of the MOU in this video clip taken from the conference.

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Calgary Regional Partnership collaborates to strengthen economy with emerging trade corridor to Port of Prince Rupert

Photo credit: Prince Rupert Port Authority

For a second year, Calgary Regional Partnership (CRP) partnered with Prince Rupert Port Authority bringing together influential leaders from industry and government to plan for the development of an emerging trade corridor. The corridor runs from Southern Alberta through Calgary Region, CN Rail’s Calgary Logistics Park to the gateway of Port of Prince Rupert destined for Asia Pacific markets.

The Port of Prince Rupert is a desirable partner for the Southern Alberta’s supply chain industry due to the potential growth to increase exports along the trade corridor, especially in agricultural products including grains.

The growth of imports into Canada from Asia-Pacific markets has been the catalyst for billions of dollars in investments into Port of Prince Rupert terminals and CN rail intermodal capabilities at Calgary Logistics Park.

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Moving over dimensional loads in the Calgary Region just got easier

If you are a manufacturer in the Calgary Region, your oversize loads permit process got a whole lot easier. 

A simplified solution for permitting and routing for over dimensional load vehicles has been launched by the City of Calgary.

Why does this matter?

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Key resources for starting or relocating your business in the Calgary Region

Starting a business is hard work.

Relocating or expanding can be even harder.

Are you considering the Calgary Region to start, relocate or expand your business?

If not, read our previous article: Pros and cons of doing business in the Calgary Region (and what to consider if moving here). You may just want to reconsider. 

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10 best reasons why Calgary Region's location will grow your business

 The Calgary Region is famous for the 1988 Olympics, the spectacular Rocky Mountains in Banff National Park, the world-renowned Calgary Stampede, and Calgary’s entrepreneurial spirit.

What you may not know is that the Calgary Region is also known for its unbeatable location as a supply chain distribution/transportation hub.

Calgary Region’s strategic location is setting itself apart as an increasingly desired inland port apart from its competition.

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Where are the key investment opportunities in the Calgary Region?

Many business looking to move to the Calgary Region have asked us where are the best locations to move to?

Well it depends.

While many people think of Calgary and Alberta as just oil and gas, the Calgary Region has plenty of investment opportunities outside of the energy sector including:

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Reviewing 3PLs in the Calgary Region and how to hire the right one

The Calgary Region sits at a supply chain crossroads in western North America.

Companies looking to do business in the Region can take comfort of a thriving third-party logistics provider (3PL) sector.

One that can help with supply chain issues to keep total landed costs to a minimum – especially in tough economic times.

These 3PL’s have local knowledge to bolster core competencies and keep your business competitive.

And, while a business may have a great in-house logistics system in place, it never hurts to ask an expert for help.

Especially when moving into a new market.

After all, every little bit of efficiency is another dollar on the profit side of the ledger.

“They know the industry and segments of the industry,” said Corrie Banks of Triskele Logistics. “They have the knowledge to design the right solution for Calgary.”

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5 key questions to ask when buying industrial real estate in Calgary

For years, Calgary Region’s prime industrial real estate market has defied gravity.

Even during the current economic downturn, the industrial real estate market is growing.


Demand for industrial land is coming from major retailers such as Walmart, Sears, Canadian Tire and Home Depot.

They selected the Calgary Region as their base for reaching Canadian markets and beyond. 


What are the opportunities in the Calgary Region’s industrial real estate market?

“It just makes sense,” explained Karla Spilsted, Marketing Strategist with The City of Calgary, “Alberta’s low tax regime, our geographic location and well-developed infrastructure creates a powerful combination that makes this Region a major transportation and logistics hub."

According to Paul Derksen, Industrial Real Estate consultant, “Industrial land and warehouses in the Calgary Region are a stable investment.”

“There are a variety of opportunities throughout the Region and with the current downturn, there are more options and more competitive pricing,” Derksen added. 

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A review of the Calgary Region’s premier transportation infrastructure

Many Canadian cities have outdated transportation infrastructure including roads, airports, and industrial land (no service) and warehousing.

Not in the Calgary Region.

It’s quite the opposite when it comes to accessibility and well-planned infrastructure.

If you are considering moving or expanding your business into the Calgary Region and want to know more about its transportation networks, this article is for you.

Stephen Kay, Senior Transportation Engineer with the City of Calgary and Jim Brown, General Manager of JRSB Logistics Consulting Ltd., provided background for this story. 

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