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Square One Supply Chain Podcast #18: Why use intermodal transportation and Ferrari's supply chain connection

In this episode, we discuss intermodal transportation, why your business would use it, and how to maximize its efficiency. We also review Ferrari's recent IPO and connection to supply chain management. Finally, we wonder if Reg is an agent of change in the supply chain industry.


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Show Notes:


1. Featured News: 


Ferrari races ahead on wall street

We look at:

  • Push or pull system insupply chain?
    • Push: stock goods and hope customers buys the supply
    • Pull: react to customer orders
  • How sales and marketing tied to the supply chain systems
  • First 3D printed supercar


2. Featured topic: 


Using intermodal transportation

We look to answer the following questions: 

  1. What is intermodal transportation? Why/when to use it?
  2. Cost benefits?
  3. How to maximize intermodal efficiency?
  4. Can you share space on intermodal containers? 
  5. What are the container sizes?
  6. When wouldn’t you use intermodal?
  7. How about storing and transporting perishable goods? use of Reefers?
  8. How much planning do you need when using intermodal?
  9. Do you need to rely on a 3PL to handle intermodal?


3. Featured resource:


Rail intermodal keeps America moving

Great backgrounder, by the Association of American Railroads, on the significance of rail intermodal as an alternative to highway shipping.


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