About the Calgary Region


About the Calgary Region


The Calgary Region is an informational resource destination for Canadian shippers and professionals in the transportation, supply chain and logistics sector.

The Region has developed a reputation on the world stage and prospects for growth is tremendous. The Calgary Region helps them to make better decisions or provide better advice on moving products throughout Canada and beyond.

As the energy capital of Canada and home to a considerable number of corporate head offices and manufacturing facilities, the Calgary Region is known for its natural beauty, its friendliness, its high standard of living, its entrepreneurial spirit and its endless opportunities.

Our Region includes the City of Calgary and covers approximately 15,000 square kilometres, reaching from Banff to Strathmore and from Airdrie and south to Nanton.

The Calgary Region’s economic performance has led Canada for the last decade, and is forecasted to do so. Despite a strong energy sector, the Calgary Region also has a diversified regional economy such as our transportation & logistics sector. 

Learn about the advantages to investing in the Calgary Region including our productive and flexible workforcecompetitive tax ratesexpanding transportation infrastructure and much more. Explore our site or contact us to learn about new investment opportunities in the Calgary Region. 

When you combine the many business and economic advantages together with the dynamic lifestyle the area affords, it is not hard to see why the Calgary Region is such an exciting and vibrant place to raise your family and grow your business.

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